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Blei gießen

Blei gießen zu Silvester

Lead pour – New Year’s Eve fun or nevertheless more?

The lead pour is well-known with many humans. This concerns customs, which are gladly accomplished at the New Year’s Eve. It is said more exact oracle customs and was already in Roman times well-known. With the lead has one pours much to laugh. Actually from it the most diverse things are to develop and forecast the future, in any case for the new year. In addition one holds a spoon with lead malice over a candle or a small fire and waits, until the lead melted. If this happened, one can recognize and predict the future something from the forms. Today one often buys New Year’s Eve lead packings and is it like that one obtains neither the heart, still the flowers or other forms. But but one has very much joke with its friends or the family. And one got, is the heart nevertheless one to allegedly again fall in love. It is beautiful that pour the lead for many humans tradition became, even if you do not measure so much meaning to the forms out. Since the lead packages cost not much, one has also a quite favorable joke. Some humans dedicate themselves to the lead add only few minutes before midnight, others do this equal too beginning of their celebration. Here there are no clear regulations, one may select itself, how and when one would drive through it becomes! Fact is, it makes already for children large joke!