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Mitternachtssnack zu Silvester

What is the best midnight snack to New Year’s Eve?

At New Year’s Eves one celebrates for a long time and many humans has, if you celebrate at home or also in principle for the 1.Januar a favourite recipe. This is quite early finished to 31.12, so that one has also always a midnight snack available. Whether one would like to then satisfy alone its small hunger or whether one would like to serve still to guests somewhat. The chopping roast is meant, for which there are many different recipes. It is in such a way likes, because he quasi bake himself and because he tastes simply very more delicious. One can eat it hot and coldly, thus is enough one only for ketchup and mustard in the house has, thus is he the ideal midnight snack. More than chopping roasts does not need it, if one has small hunger whether this now in the middle at the night or early in the morning. One does not believe at all, in as many households of the chopping roasts at New Year’s Eves to be found is!
Who has still no recipe for it, this can make completely fast on the Internet in cook forums. Best one selects a recipe, which was well evaluated can be so safe and that one can prepare the perfect roast and always a delicious midnight snack possesses. Naturally one can make also gladly still potato or pasta salad and has for New Year equal a lunch and for the night somewhat more than only the midnight snack, if hunger is nevertheless times larger.

Blei gießen

Blei gießen zu Silvester

Lead pour – New Year’s Eve fun or nevertheless more?

The lead pour is well-known with many humans. This concerns customs, which are gladly accomplished at the New Year’s Eve. It is said more exact oracle customs and was already in Roman times well-known. With the lead has one pours much to laugh. Actually from it the most diverse things are to develop and forecast the future, in any case for the new year. In addition one holds a spoon with lead malice over a candle or a small fire and waits, until the lead melted. If this happened, one can recognize and predict the future something from the forms. Today one often buys New Year’s Eve lead packings and is it like that one obtains neither the heart, still the flowers or other forms. But but one has very much joke with its friends or the family. And one got, is the heart nevertheless one to allegedly again fall in love. It is beautiful that pour the lead for many humans tradition became, even if you do not measure so much meaning to the forms out. Since the lead packages cost not much, one has also a quite favorable joke. Some humans dedicate themselves to the lead add only few minutes before midnight, others do this equal too beginning of their celebration. Here there are no clear regulations, one may select itself, how and when one would drive through it becomes! Fact is, it makes already for children large joke!

gute Vorsätze

Wie lange halten die guten Vorsätze?

Dear carry out not too much! Intentions for new year.

Over and over again there are the thousands of people which consider new good intentions for the next year in New Year’s Eve. They are always quite hell-bent on looking around these intentions also in the action. Whether it is now, that to give up smoking, to take something, not to work any more so many, to have more time for the children, to eat healthier or other. Good intentions are nice, but even when one keeps to them. However, one can assume from the fact that whistle anyway half of all people already after only 2-3 days on these good intentions and, nevertheless, again do this what they have also done before. As a rule one says that 50-75 percent of all people with good intentions, this have fast forgotten again. One shifts it then to the next year or dismisses it because one was got drunk. But it is also to be known nicely that many people still, nevertheless, move the good intentions and are thankfully for it. It is often even in such a way that the intentions are only kept up because the friends laugh, otherwise, again if one does not do it. Because one cannot be laughed with pleasure, then one pulls through the plan and is proud at the end, nevertheless, of it. It is interesting that even already teenagers start planning for good intentions and it also here anyway always 25 percent get put into action everything. For some the good intentions are just a Schmarrn and already almost tradition, but one does not take seriously them simply at all! One will ascertain this also fast himself if one asks sometimes in his circle of friends and circle of acquaintances how it looks out there with the good intentions.